Website Accessibility Information

NCS supports the ongoing development of an accessible website and access to district information. All efforts will be made to ensure that any new or revised web pages or other web resources published, hosted or otherwise provided by the district follow the NCS Web Accessibility Procedures and Policies found below.

NCS Web Accessibility Procedure Document
NCS Bylaws and Policies-NEOLA.

Upon specific request content and information found on any of the NCS Web pages containing core administrative or academic information, official records, and similar information will be made available or an equally effective alternative shall be provided. Equally effective means that it communicates the same information and provides the equivalent functions as the web pages or resource. NCS website users may contact NCS Student Data & Web Coordinator listed below to initiate a request for reasonable accommodation of information, at which time every effort will be made to make appropriate and reasonable accommodations available as soon as possible.

ADA Compliance Contact Information
Brandy Ashe, NCS Students Data & Web Services Coordinator
Email Brandy Ashe
(517) 905-5707
Located at:
NCS Administration Offices
200 West St
Napoleon, MI 49261