Schools of Choice

Notice to the General Public:

The Napoleon Community School Board of Education has approved the enrollment of non-resident students for the 2023-2024 school year as permitted under Section 105, and 105c Schools of Choice.

Schools of Choice is an opportunity for out-of-district students to attend Napoleon Community Schools. We currently have unlimited positions available in all grades K-12.

Open enrollment is June 1st through the first Friday after the start of the current school year. A second open enrollment period runs 2 weeks prior to the end of the first semester. Please contact the NCS Administration Offices to request second semester open enrollment dates. Applications submitted and approved during open enrollment periods will not require a resident district release to enroll.

NCS may accept non-district residents outside of open enrollment periods throughout the school year. Under these circumstances approval from administration and resident district release paperwork is required BEFORE student enrollment may be completed. Please contact NCS Administration office for further information on this process.

At Napoleon Community Schools it is our mission to provide students with quality learning experiences, helping to prepare them to become responsible and productive members of a competitive society. If you are considering Schools of Choice as an option for your child(ren) we welcome you to not only visit our website but to schedule a visit to our facilities.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any further questions.

Napoleon High School (517) 905-5704
Napoleon Middle School (517) 905-5703
Ezra Eby Elementary School (517) 905-5715
Ackerson High School, Alternative Education (517) 905-5713

Completed Schools of Choice Application(s) may be emailed to Brandy Ashe or mailed to the address below to be processed.

NCS Administration Offices

Attn: Brandy Ashe
200 West St.
Napoleon, MI 49261

Thank you for your interest in Napoleon Community Schools.